Write me. Send me packages.

Allen Sin
Apartado Postal 219-6000
Puriscal, San Jose
Costa Rica

Email me.

surpriseisland [at] gmail [dot] com
allensin85 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Skype me.


§ 6 Responses to contact

  • sette says:

    hey allen-i realize somewhere in your blog you’ve already addressed this, but i forget…we can send u anything rite? as long as its not perishable? keep posting-reading your daily activities is so surreal! would love to know more about what u do with kids at the different programs you get involved in 🙂

  • erick says:

    Dear Allen Sin,

    My name is Erick Jarquín. I saw a beatifull pictures about kids with Faroles in your profile. May I use for a non comercial magazine “Contrapunto”.

  • Sheyla says:

    Mr. Allen Sin, I, as Erick said in the post before mine, want to use your amazing photos on a post about the “faroles” in the independence activities in Costa Rica. There is no comercial use at all, is about the faroles.

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