mosaic mathematics

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15 kilos de fragua
+ 28 kilos de bondex
+ 1/3 litro de plaster bond
+ 60 kilos de ceramica
+ 4 cucharas plasticas
+ 5 tazas plasticas
+ 15 pipas tomadas
+ 11 popis
+ 1 scotch brite
+ 4 hojas de lija
+ 1 tenaza
+ 3 espatulas
+ 1 martillo
+ 1 trapo
+ 9 idas y vueltas a Puriscal para comprar material
+ 35 días de labor
+ 3 semanas de lijar ceramica
+ 9 empanadas
+1 pedazo de espejo =

sunskysea schoolmural


the identity issue

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bajo de la legua, from my student’s eyes

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random photos

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i want to tell you about these signs.

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I want to tell you about these signs. I want to tell you about where they came from and how they came to be. They look simple, yes? Bright and hopeful. Promises in the process of being fulfilled. We tied two to the fence that guards the school and hung the other in front of the bakery, right around the trunk of the tree.  Johan and Enrique and Christopher were each actor and witness to a sign’s installation, brief roles made possible with permission from Don Manuel, the school director, or Panaderia Barrantes; whose respective consent would be useless still if the signs weren’t made ready by Don Alvaro who bore the holes with a wireless drill, a virbiqi, and who donated the wire and chain and the black paint that lays across the back surface of each rotulo; and though vital, his  labors would still have been needless if those students from school, Teto and Elizabeth, Daniel and Brandon, Hilary and Alison, Valeria and Felipe, hadn’t painted the landscapes and the messages:

Cuidemos La Naturaleza!

Protejamos El Ambiente!

Reciclemos Por El Ambiente!

And if I hadn’t invited the kids, and if Johan hadn’t helped paint and Nacho hadn’t brought the wood from his father’s farm in Lanas, well perhaps there wouldn’t have been a story at all.

Asi es una comunidad.

la cadena, august 2012

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hey, la cadena! the back issues

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assorted cover pages, la cadena, 1987-1994

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