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assorted cover pages, la cadena, 1987-1994



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a dream a journey a longing

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feasts fit for a volunteer

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Rice with sriracha hot sauce
I first tried this delicacy when I was broke in Oakland. It seems as though I was training to be a Peace Corps volunteer before I became one. Sadly, sriracha hot sauce is a bit expensive so use sparingly.

Rice with minced garlic
Oh garlic, how delicious you are! Fry that left over rice with some salt and pepper then brown some minced garlic separately before mixing it in with your rice. For added pop, substitute the salt for some garlic salt. The rice can be substituted for pasta. And if you’re feeling especially rich, throw in a fried egg. Maybe even 2. On second thoughts, 1 will do. We’re on a budget after all.

Rice and egg
Egg. Not eggs.

Rice with chimichurri (essentially, pico de gallo)
A timeless favorite, this dish requires a bit more preparation. With diced tomatoes, chopped onions and minced cilantro, you better have a sharp knife! Add olive oil, salt, and pepper to taste. Include cabbage or chile dulce for a textural revelation. Admittedly meant for the kind-of-broke volunteer.

Tortilla Chips and Frijoles Molidos con Salsa Lizano
Portable and delicious, “the allen meal” won’t fail to disappoint. Get the cheapest tortilla chips, the Salsa Lizano brand of frijoles molidos, and you’re all set! If you have the time, prepare your own beans (red or black) and tortilla chips. Simply smash up your beans and add Salsa Lizano. Cut up tortillas into squares and fry them. Rico, you say? Why, yes it is.


the admiral deluxe studio

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my conversational english group

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turrialba, part I

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