kinders defying gravity

August 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

there were some strange things going on around la escuela cerbatana last week. the kinders were defying gravity. whoa! (insert joey lawrence face a-la-blossom)  it’s uncertain what caused the phenomenon. scientists believe their casados may have been spiked with development enhancers, allowing these kinders to tap into uncommonly used portions of their noggins. take a look below for yourself. five kinders practiced their new-found powers, then chilled.


in other news: the school administration files for a name change to “la escuela cerbatana de los niños superdotados”


HOOSIER – The Most Fascinating Post Ever

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this post is dedicated to claire, who deftly explained two possible origins of the term “hoosier,” in reference to indiana. it has nothing to do with costa rica.

indiana is known as the “crossroads of america” because as claire explained, people try their darndest to drive across the state without stopping. however, on that rare momentous occasion, when a brave soul had to stop for the night, at a cabin, in the woods, in indiana….the weary traveler in search of a bed initiates a solicitation and tries their luck.

“Hello! Good evening! May I bother you for lodging?”

and in a strong indianan(?) accent, a voice responds,


i’ve not the heart to relate the other explanation. something about a bar fight, a lost ear, “hoosier is this?” etc. etc. the end.

watch my (boring) swearing in ceremony!

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it’s the peace corps 50th birthday, which means they want to make a big deal about our swearing-in ceremony. on friday, may 13th, i’ll be at the u.s. ambassador’s crib. you can watch a livestream of it! just follow this link:

or this link:

and here’s another link just for fun.

a wish list

April 28, 2011 § 5 Comments

iPod charger
speakers (for my iPod)
new shoes
new jeans
nikkor 24-70mm lens
nikkor 85mm lens
nikkor macro lens
deep fryer
my electric guitar and amp
4gb of memory for my computer
a hot tub time machine
an aquarium with a manatee

quotable quotations

April 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

borrowing from reader’s digest, that lovely bathroom publication, here are some quotations spoken about me by members of my host family. with translations from the spanish, of course. and yes, these are actual quotations.

host mom:”allen, allen, es un fiestero. tiene una novia sin dientes.”
translation: “allen, allen, is a party animal. he has a girlfriend without teeth”
(i categorically deny these false and slanderous accusations.)

host sister (she’s 7): “allen, allen. mi favorito caballito.”
translation: “allen, allen. my favorite little horse.”
(i am not a horse.)

host dad: “yo voy a cortar su pelo. el militar.”
translation: “i am going to cut your hair. military style.”
(he has a military style haircut.)

host  brother (he’s 10): “allen, allen. es travieso.”
translation: “allen, allen. he is naughty (mischievous).”
(uh uh. yo soy un chico bueno.)


April 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

“piropos” (there might be an accent somewhere in that word) roughly translates to “compliments” but really refers to pick-up lines.  here are some costa rican come-ons i learned today.

1. Quisiera ser visco para verte doble.
Rough translation: I would squint to see two of you.

2. Usted con esas curvas y yo sin frenos.”
Rough translation: You have those curves and I don’t have brakes to stop.

3. Corazón de melon, cada vez que te veo, se me cae el pantalon.
Rough translation: My heart is so big, each time I see you, my pants fall down.

4. Vaya por la sombra, que los bombones con el calor se derriten.
Rough translation: Go to the shade, because you sweet chocolate thing will melt with this heat.

5. Quisiera ser lágrima para vivir en tus ojos, vivir en tus mejillas y morir en tus labios.
Rough translation: I want to be the tear that lives in your eyes and on your cheek, and dies on your lips.

6. Las aguas buscan las rios. Los rios buscan el mar. Mis labios buscan los tuyos para poderlos besar.
Rough translation: Water looks for rivers. Rivers look for the sea. My lips looks for your lips so that I may kiss them.

7. Tu amor es como un paquete de fideos ramen; barato pero bueno.
Rough translation: Your love is like a pack of ramen noodles; cheap but good.
(just kidding. that’s not costa rican. jason came up with that one during class)

8. Las rosas son rojos, las violetas son azules, yo quiero estar en sus pantalones.
Rough translation: Roses are red, violets are blue, i want to be in your pants.
(yeah, ok, that’s not costa rican either).

a day in the life of a young hustler

April 15, 2011 § 4 Comments


4:45a: wake up. get dressed. drink 6 raw eggs. then eat a cheese sandwich because i feel like it.
5:00a: run 10 miles. stretch. squat 300 lbs. run 4 more miles.
6:00a: shower and breakfast.
7:00a: rescue a kitten from a burning building.
7:05a: converse with the local business owners about the socioeconomic realities that exist and costa rica.
7:15a: solve the problems.
8:00a-3:00p: spanish class, to perfect my already exquisite pronunciation and mastery of the language.
3:30p: build four houses.
4:00p: cafecito.
5:00p: edit photos.

even i can’t keep up with the amount of lies in that post. i’ll post my real typical day soon enough (i see you justin). and more photos of course.

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