a walk through a mountainside farm

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a wedding, part II

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a wedding, part I

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mosaic mathematics

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15 kilos de fragua
+ 28 kilos de bondex
+ 1/3 litro de plaster bond
+ 60 kilos de ceramica
+ 4 cucharas plasticas
+ 5 tazas plasticas
+ 15 pipas tomadas
+ 11 popis
+ 1 scotch brite
+ 4 hojas de lija
+ 1 tenaza
+ 3 espatulas
+ 1 martillo
+ 1 trapo
+ 9 idas y vueltas a Puriscal para comprar material
+ 35 días de labor
+ 3 semanas de lijar ceramica
+ 9 empanadas
+1 pedazo de espejo =

sunskysea schoolmural

the identity issue

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the things

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…i’ve done. 

helped butcher a pig.

taught handcrafts with recycled material.

started a recycling program.

picked beans.

jumped off a bridge attached to nothing except a bungee cord.

…i will miss.

coffeefields coffeefieldsII

the walk between cerbatana and mercedes norte, a rising and falling dusty road run afoul by loose rocks and flagged by cafetales to the left and right.

puppy (pronounced poopy). the neighborhood enforcer. he doesn’t like to have his photo taken.


being tantamount to a celebrity. everyone knows your name.

los pechos amarllios y los caciques. (they are birds.)

the darkness of a Costa Rican night.


…i will not miss. 

being tantamount to a celebrity. everyone knows your name.

teaching english.


washing laundry by hand.

…i have learned.

to speak spanish. finally.

i am a bad bachata and salsa dancer.

limitation breeds creativity.

cold water (and cold showers for that matter) does wonders for your skin and health.

the wonders of yoga.

don’t take seashells from the beach. they are vital to the health of the ocean.

throwing a frisbee or kicking a soccer ball in an open field are absolutely beautiful.

even at age 27, i still think myself one of the kids.

…i will never forget.

my neighbor wanting to adopt me.

the little girl in kindergarten who told her mother that i was an artist.

receiving surprise recognition from the school, and later the asociacion de desarrollo integral for my work in the community.

…i want.

a simple life.

city lights and mountain air.

a garden.

a toilet that flushes all the time.

a view of the sea.

a fresh wind and bright sky.

a clothes washing machine.

reliable public transportation.

to learn french, tagalog and mandarin.

…i will gladly sing in karaoke when i go home.


no me digas.

estos celos.

yo no se mañana.

no hay nadie como ella.

niña de me corazon.

…i’ve been.

aerobics instructor.




mural artist.


community facilitator.

sports specialist.

children’s advocate.

…i’ve seen.

a blue river.

breaking bad.

battlestar galactica.

a baby sloth clinging to it’s mother’s back.

tiny lizards copulating.

men shamelessly (shamelessly) staring at women.


pig buttcherer

…i’ve heard.

there once lived a witch named Serata in Aserri. She could turn people into animals.

the squeals of a pig being dragged to its death.

howler monkeys howling.

the guanacasteca yelp.



danza kuduro.

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