a morning bus ride

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two suggested playlists.

1. for a morning bus ride through the mountains, from puriscal to san jose with the morning sunlight bursting through the windows. the bus is moving along at a safe and easy pace.

yawny at the apocalypse – andrew bird
blessa – toro y moi
what would i want? sky – animal collective
looks just like the sun – broken social scene
sun it rises – fleet foxes
northern lights – bowerbirds
the sounds are always begging – bonnie prince billy and the cairo gang
wordless chorus – my morning jacket
love and some verses – iron and wine
one sunday morning – wilco
2. for a morning bus ride through the mountains, from puriscal to san jose with the morning sunlight bursting through the windows. the bus is moving along, hellbent.

ephemeral artery – neon indian
time to get away – lcd soundsystem
beam me up – yacht
red dress – tv on the radio
torture – king khan and the shrines
adventure – be your own pet
four kicks – kings of leon
young hearts spark fire – japandroids
sun hands – local natives


musings and observations of life in an apartment

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one month in. i have two plants now, i guess i am more or less settled. life has finally assumed an agreeable routine. no tv, internet nor washing machine, and i couldn´t be happier.  and with a motley crue of cookware, i couldn´t be fuller.

i`ve had a number of visitors already. the critter kind, that is. the first notable one, a coal black lizard that scampered through the space underneath the front door, up, then down a few steps and out through the space underneath the back door. it warbled in a most captivating manner, one in which i´d imagine a baby lizard would. the others, a variety of spiders that i would promptly show the door, or that would wonderously disappear through impossible crevices. i didn´t know they could do that. weird. the most prominent visitor appeared to be a young tarantula. despite numerous prongings with my broom, it could only muster a half hearted effort to crawl a few inches from its last position. it`s a terrible love and i`m walking with spiders tarantulas that no longer have the will to live.

visitors aside, i catch myself, red-handed, drifing off into different thoughts as though i were visiting a room or house for a moment to try out the furniture. my tiled floor is partly reflective and i wonder if my reflection were a parallel universe that moved in mirror to our own, but were actually completely different. i`m sure this movie has been made before.

i`ve only ever lived away from home thrice before, backpacking not included:  in the swankily named vista del campo,off-campus housing for uc irvine; in the ice box of an apartment that was northwood place during my final quarter of college;  and finally, a year and half in the cozy confines of an oakland apartment by a lake. they were all enjoyable experiences, but the last one particularly impressionable. i seemed to have incorporated my cooky cousin`s (she`s not cooky but she is pretty great) penchant to reuse her plastic bags and to concertedly avoid taking on or purchasing heavily packaged items. thanks cil. it`s a blessing and a curse.

i swear i had some insights that struck me as necessary to share, but sometimes you just get arroz con pollo. it`s good, though it should be better for the amount of preparation that goes into it, yet it`ll do.

that`ll do.


saving traditions

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preparing banana leaves for tamales and gallos.

don alvaro plays a tune

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the worst show on tico television

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Mile warm up jog
4x100m @ 50% effort
15-30 pushups + 75-100 situps

2x40m grapevines (50% effort)
2x40m slides low(50% effort)
2x40m high knees(50% effort)
2x40m butt kickers(50% effort)
2x40m exaggerated skips(50% effort)

15-30 pushups + 75-100 situps

4×15 ground jumps –> 40m spring after 15
4×15 jump tucks –> 40m spring after 15

15-30 pushups + 75-100 situps

2×40 lunge and twists
2x40frog jumps (standing broad jumps)

15-30 pushups + 75-100 situps
10–>5-10-5 shuttle/cone runs
10x40yd explosions
4×100 yd @ 50%

mile cool down


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say it fast, or don´t say it at all. bomba!

Bomba! Una mujer estaba cocinando y se le prendió fuego al delantal, si no llegama tiempo los bomberos se le suena lo principal.

Bomba! Ayer pase por tu casa y me tiraste un toca Disco y si no me capeo y si no me capeo y si no me capeo y si no me capeo y si no me capeo y si no me capeo ….

Bomba! ayer pase por tu casa y me tirastes una chancleta y me la comi pensando que era una chuleta.

Bomba! Del cielo cayo un panuelo, pintado de mil colores y en una de sus esquinas decía, costa rica de mis amores.

Bomba! Ya se oyen las marinbas y las bombetas a sonar, ya comenzo el turno y la chica para tomar…uyuyuy bajura!

Bomba! No me gusta la cebolla tampoco la remolacha, no vengo por el tata si no por la muchacha. uyuyuy bajura!

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