comida tipica: casados

September 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

today’s dish features red meat or something else neat, like fish. carne en salsa, chuleta, pollo o pescado, you can find this delicious plate at your local soda.

literally translated, ‘casado‘ means ‘married.’ applied to tico fare, this alludes to the inextricable accompaniment of rice and beans and platanos to your protein of choice. more often than not,  some type of salad will be included, usually garnished with nothing more than lime juice, unless of course it’s a beet salad. in tico land, i’ve only ever had beets mixed with mayonnaise and sometimes, if i’m lucky, with hard-boiled egg. if you’re extra lucky, you’ll find a portion of picadillo somewhere on your plate. picadillos are essentially veggie stews usually made with chayote or with papas.

the picture above is of a casado con carne en salsa from soda el diamante en puriscal centro. this iteration of the casado comes along with house-made chips, which covers the beet salad. delicious. don’t ask me how to make it….yet.


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