making tamales

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el informe….coming soon

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kinders defying gravity

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there were some strange things going on around la escuela cerbatana last week. the kinders were defying gravity. whoa! (insert joey lawrence face a-la-blossom)  it’s uncertain what caused the phenomenon. scientists believe their casados may have been spiked with development enhancers, allowing these kinders to tap into uncommonly used portions of their noggins. take a look below for yourself. five kinders practiced their new-found powers, then chilled.


in other news: the school administration files for a name change to “la escuela cerbatana de los niños superdotados”

a party for patty

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c.a.t. days

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nondescript sodas and sunny days gone wrong.

my volunteer experience of the last two weeks summed up in seven words. it’s winter time in costa rica, so sunny days are at a premium in cerbatana (this is a bit of exaggeration; i am after all in costa rica, land of the unrelenting sun). however, the very welcome unrelenting sun is mostly restricted to the morning time before an aguacero hits invariably at two o’clock. in an ideal world, i’d spend it outside but i’m sitting inside a one nondescript soda known as happy, unraveling the findings from my community assessment tool (c.a.t.) and organizing it into one happy report.

i’m anything but. i’ve spent so much time in this happy soda that these blank white walls are beginningt to resemble a psychiatric ward. but it has its charms.

for instance, maria luz, the lady reliably taking my order every time, serves up the coffee strong and with a smile (we’re on a first name basis now). plus, she doesn’t mind if i occupy the corner table for seven or eight hours straight while using her electrical outlet.

the report is almost finished and i’ll have to submit it to my program manager soon. this also means three months have passed at my site and i’ll be heading to san jose for in-service training. then the work begins. i’ll post the report in the next few days. it’s long and has little to do with your life. but i’m vain and i put some time and thought into it, so you should skim through. there are photos too, so you can pretend to read it for content.

if i sound tired, it’s because i am. saludos. chin chin.


el himno oficial de la escuela cerbatana, take 2

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don martin attempts to teach fifth graders el himno oficial.



festival estudiantil de las artes

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