una quinceanera

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yo no se manana

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sereno es

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el cuarto grado

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this is one of the fourth grade classes in la escuela cerbatana. they’re especially important to me because i’ll have the most time with them before they leave for the colegios and i return to the states. many of the boys i see every tuesday for futbol training, and one in particular is my newest music pupil. el profe, don david, is also the futbol trainer. Born, raised and current resident of cerbatana, don david is an active member of the community.


kinder games

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when i’m not talking to old people, i’m with the young people. i’ve allotted monday mornings to being a teacher’s aid to kindergarten. la docente, dona enid, is fantastic, but i find it amazing more still that she, like many teachers in costa rica, takes on a group of 5 and 6 year olds by herself. such precious little monsters.


don bosco salas

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seven weeks down and i wonder, where has the time gone? probably to drinking coffee, that caffeinated elixir of goodness. and really, that more or less may be true. i’ve been running down a story that’s taken me to the doorsteps and dining tables of cerbatana’s elderly, agitating and extracting what little fragments of memories they still may yet recall. most recently, i paid a visit to don bosco salas, a gentleman 54 years my senior and dare i say, a challenger to don carlos’ title of the most interesting man in cerbatana.

his neck appears perpetually bent at a downward angle, perhaps from a life time of work in the fields. when i visited him early in the evening, he still wore his rubber boots and sullied jeans, suggesting that life had yet to end. i suspect he wouldn’t have it any other way. our conversation touched on a wide variety of topics, jumping from a history of the united states to galileo. not a religious man, he explained to me that the four things necessary to life was air, water, the earth, and the sun, and for this reason, among others, his religion was nature.

by the time i took my leave, two hours had passed. he could have talked long into the night. i wonder where the hours go.

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