comida tipica: olla de carne

June 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

for someone who loves food and loves to eat, i’ve largely neglected to share the costa rican fare. much of this can be attributed to the less-than-visually striking nature of the food. often without compelling notes of flavor or a distinctive character, costa rican food (excluding the afro-caribbean influence) is comforting, consistent and hearty.

a good example of this is olla de carne, a pork broth based soup sharing much in common with chinese style pork bone soups. the major difference is the contents. olla de carne features more varieties of vegetables and fruits in the soup, whereas “mahkutong” (i’ve butchered the spelling), the chinese version, never has fruits (unless of course you’re being nitpicky and claim tomatoes for the fruits).the meat and the faceless plants are cooked in separate vats of water. tortillas are often served along with the soup.

CORRECTION: This soup is made with beef bones. I could have sworn it was pork. It tastes so similar.


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