quotable quotations

April 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

borrowing from reader’s digest, that lovely bathroom publication, here are some quotations spoken about me by members of my host family. with translations from the spanish, of course. and yes, these are actual quotations.

host mom:”allen, allen, es un fiestero. tiene una novia sin dientes.”
translation: “allen, allen, is a party animal. he has a girlfriend without teeth”
(i categorically deny these false and slanderous accusations.)

host sister (she’s 7): “allen, allen. mi favorito caballito.”
translation: “allen, allen. my favorite little horse.”
(i am not a horse.)

host dad: “yo voy a cortar su pelo. el militar.”
translation: “i am going to cut your hair. military style.”
(he has a military style haircut.)

host  brother (he’s 10): “allen, allen. es travieso.”
translation: “allen, allen. he is naughty (mischievous).”
(uh uh. yo soy un chico bueno.)


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