two myths: “la llorona” y “la mona”

April 2, 2011 § 3 Comments

last weekend, while visiting another volunteer in the guanacaste region of costa rica, i learned about two costa rican myths. the first is called “la llorona,” or “the crying woman.” as the story goes, a mother drowns her children in a river in order to be with the man she loves. that relationship fails and she soon regrets murdering her children. and so, probably as punishment, she wanders the land, crying for her lost children, trying every now and then to kidnap bad children.

“la mona” is a magical creature that looks like a small monkey with wings. it is essentially a witch that takes the form of a beautiful woman and visits the homes of unfaithful men, probably to f*ck sh*t up. all you have to do is to say the following: “maria, maria, que venga manana por un poquito de sal.” you’ll know it worked if a beautiful woman knocks on your door the following morning asking for salt. unfaithful men everywhere, beware.



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§ 3 Responses to two myths: “la llorona” y “la mona”

  • mk says:

    I have heard the story of La Llorona. I was reading this thread of paranormal stories people have claimed to have bore witness to. This guy said he saw a ghostly woman outside his window in Mexico and later learned of the story of La Llorona, the details corresponding eerily. (Not unlike how I witnessed a shadow person before reading about the phenomena.)

    Keep the urban legends coming.

  • Christina Fletes says:

    la llorona– if you hear her crying close by that means shes far away. but if you hear that she is far away, that means she’s close.

  • amsin says:

    that’s freaky. have you heard of la carreta sin bueyes or la suega?

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