querer, necesitar, tener

April 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

when we were kids (do you remember that time?), our world and how we related to it was often defined by our wants, needs and possessions.we were adorable, selfish brats.

i want the new teenage mutant ninja turtle toy with limited limb articulation.
i need the chocolate ice cream with sprinkles and additional chocolate chips.
i have two front teeth.

as adults, we’ve learned to put other’s needs first. or, more likely, we mix mastery over language with learned social etiquette to hide our desires, or to express them at more (or less) opportune moments. we generally become more aware and cunning and complicated. we are devious, rationalizing brats.

i want the new teenage mutant ninja turtle toy (still?!), but if i wait until my birthday, i won’t have to pay for it.
i need that chocolate ice cream but if i get sprinkles and more chocolate chips, i’ll get fat.
i have a 62-inch high definition plasma tv.

cynicism and over-simplification aside, i’m rediscovering my inner child as i learn the spanish language. of course, the first verbs i learn are querer (to want), necesitar (to need), y tener (to have). not to mention, gustar (to like). it’s incredibly frustrating and simultaneously amazing how solipsistic we are even after twenty, twenty-five, thirty, and so on, years of living.

a month in, i’ve progressed a bit. yo salto (jump), yo correo (run), yo pregunto (question). a veces, yo pregunto la significa de la vida. i’m learning to express myself again as the adult i supposedly am. que awesome (asomobroso)! i wonder how things will look three months in. chau, for now.


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