ten observations

March 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

1. to purchase internet service on your phone, you must be a citizen of costa rica.
2. costa rica uses the metric system.
3. phone numbers are composed of eight digits.
4. bob marley is the artist simply known as “bob.”
5. when oft-crowded buses make stops, people will not briefly step off to easily allow people in the middle of the bus to get off.
6. many of the cars in costa rica are from the seventies.
7. frescas are often made from pre-packaged mixes.
8. the food is not spicy.
9. in the spanish language, the word for pregnancy (embarazo) is close in pronunciation and spelling to embarrassing (embarazoso).
10. in costa rican spanish, there is no second person “tu” for verbs. instead, “usted” is used and the verb conjugation is the same as “el” or “ella.”



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