greetings! from desamparados

March 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

much to report from the heart of costa rica. i last checked-in with a photo from tres rios. we’ve since left and are now living with our host families. my family is awesome. my days have been filled with shallow exchanges in spanish but my family has been more than helpful in facilitating the learning process.

we also had our first spanish class in our cluster today. classes every monday wednesday and friday for ten weeks will hopefully add up to an intermediate-mid level of spanish-speaking proficiency. obviously, it’s important that i learn the language so my posts are going to be written in spanish. . .or not at all. at the very least, i’ll post random pictures with no explanations. you’ll appreciate it, i swear.

it also turns out that the stern warnings we received about care packages were exaggerated. send me packages! tell me what you want to send and i’ll tell you if it’s ok.

i have another address to which you can send me snail mail for the next ten weeks. ask me for it. otherwise, the address posted on my contacts page should suffice.

lastly, if i haven’t already mentioned, my group, tico 22, is an amazing and talented group of people. i hope to introduce you to some of them soon.

until then,

ciao! (common salutation in costa rica)



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