guys, i’m totally different now

March 3, 2011 § 1 Comment

my group and i, tico 22, just finished our 2nd full day of orientation in costa rica. we’ve played futbol and basketball, participated in team-building exercises, been subjected to talks about peace corps goals, expectations, guidelines, and other countless procedures. it’s been a tiring but incredibly supportive experience so far.

basically, what i’m trying to say is that i’m completely different now. as though i was body-snatched and replaced in the dead of night. for example, i wear a watch now. it’s the next step in the human evolutionary process. also, i don’t enjoy second dinner anymore and instead eat three complete meals commonly referred to as breakfast, lunch and dinner. (takuya, take note).

on a serious note, costa rica is pretty and our group of staff and volunteers are amazing human beings. hopefully i’ll be able to post some pictures soon of this great group of people.


§ One Response to guys, i’m totally different now

  • t.h. says:

    three…complete…meals??? b…break fast?? isn’t that what they serve at 24 hour diners at 3am?

    glad you’re finding equally (or slightly less) amazing and motivated people. be wary of your watch; unforeseen time travel may occur.

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