a packing list

March 1, 2011 § 3 Comments

and i’m back. failed to fall asleep so i thought i’d detail the belongings i’ve chosen to accompany me on this trip. i have the (honorable?) distinction of being the only trainee of my group to check one luggage. i’m either one hell of a packer or i’m i’ve not packed enough.

here’s the list.  (thanks to jen, the inspiration of this post)

4 pairs of levi jeans: dark blue skinny, faded blue slim, grey slim, black skinny
1 pair of gray levi twill pants
3 pairs of shorts
1 pair of swimming trunks
1 white wrinkle free button down dress shirt, nordstrom
1 bright green, blue, gray checker pattern dress shirt, express
1 light blue denim button down shirt
1 dark blue button down shirt, penguin
1 gray vertical lined, white based button down shirt, h&m
3 skinny ties
1 pair of black dress shoes, florsheim
1 pair of soccer boots
1 pair of asics running shoes
1 pair of tan sperry’s
1 pair of rainbow sandals
1 pair of tom shoes, black
6 plain white v-neck hanes t-shirts
1 white american apparel thermal
1 grayish purple oaklandish t-shirt
1 vintage turquoise knott’s berry farm t-shirt
1 blue boys and girls club soccer t-shirt
1 quick dry long sleeved shirt for exercise
1 charcoal gray ‘rocky’ hoodie, alternative apparel
1 yellow poncho
1 grayish navy blue waterproof jacket, ben sherman
1 black knitted beanie from urban outfitters
1 gray beanie from somewhere
1 pair of gloves
1 black and white checkered scarf
1 gray knitted scarf
bunch of socks
bunch of underwear
2 belts
7 journals
Nikon D90 camera with 50mm, 35mm, 80-200mm lenses and flash unit
3 external hard drives
1 copy of Phenomenology of Mind
1 copy of Open Veins of Latin America
1 copy of A Literary Companion Reader’s something something about Costa Rica
1 Toshiba laptop
1 waterbottle
1 travel size chess set
bunch of toiletries
2 swiss army knives
1 knife sharpener and 1 pair of pliers

that’s essentially it. i’m sure it’s more detailed than you cared for.


§ 3 Responses to a packing list

  • t.h. says:

    i really like posts like this. you are a hell of a packer, though i did notice that you seem to have omitted your vintage Chris de Burgh shirt. and your cardboard lumberjack beard.

  • mk says:

    You’ve omitted some crucial details: Are those Levi’s 511s? And just how skinny are those ties?

    That Nordstrom shirt looks good.

  • n.chan. says:

    umm im leaning towards the idea that you are just a damn good packer cuz. Awesome list.

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