nicoya y playa samara

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san joaquin de nicoya

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ten observations

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1. to purchase internet service on your phone, you must be a citizen of costa rica.
2. costa rica uses the metric system.
3. phone numbers are composed of eight digits.
4. bob marley is the artist simply known as “bob.”
5. when oft-crowded buses make stops, people will not briefly step off to easily allow people in the middle of the bus to get off.
6. many of the cars in costa rica are from the seventies.
7. frescas are often made from pre-packaged mixes.
8. the food is not spicy.
9. in the spanish language, the word for pregnancy (embarazo) is close in pronunciation and spelling to embarrassing (embarazoso).
10. in costa rican spanish, there is no second person “tu” for verbs. instead, “usted” is used and the verb conjugation is the same as “el” or “ella.”

how to make empanadas

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ok, chicos y chicas. hoy, aprendemos como hacer empanadas! yo conozco que usted es muy emocionado. Abajo es una lista de la ingredientes y otras cosas que usted podria necesitar.

1 package of harina de maiz (corn flour, i think)
some salt
quesa fresca (equivalent to the corn flower, and more to stuff the empanadas)
vegetable oil
sarten profundo (por fritando)
papel (cera o plastico, for flattening)
un cuenco (bowl, for mixing)
un plato

si quiere: frijoles, carne, carnitas, o pollo para al dentro

listos! (i’ll write in english now)

empty the package of corn flour and cheese into a bowl. add salt to taste.
next, add water little by little as you mix the contents of the bowl.
now, you will feel the urge to thrust both your hands into the mixture.
resist it! it’s easier to mix the ingredients with one hand while holding the bowl with the other.
continue to mix and add water (little by little) until it’s more or less like play-dough.
next, fashion the corn-cheese extravaganza into balls. you decide the size.
now get your plastic or wax sheet of paper, and place the corn-cheese ball on the paper. fold the other end over the ball.
using a plate, or other flat object, flatten the ball carefully. then, using your fingers, round out that sh*t out.
ok, we’re almost there.
next, get your stuffing! is it cheese? beef? beans? pork? veggies? whatever it is, lay it on me. err, i mean the flattened-soon-to-be-fried goodness. don’t put too much or it’ll burst like (insert a joke by marshall here).
fold it into a semi-circle and lightly press on the enclosure. say whaaaaaaaat. it’s ready to fry.
throw it into that pot of oil you so smartly heated before all this madness began and cook until it’s golden.
next, overnight me a package of empanadas. al final.


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