panda land, yan yan!

February 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

i’ll be staying with a host family for at least six months during training and volunteer service. as a good house guest, i’m bringing some gifts. namely, dried squid, shrimp chips, panda cookies, yan yan, and pineapple biscuits.  i think it’s brilliant, but here’s a short transcript of the likely reaction to these menagerie of foods. thanks jowell.

(translated from the spanish, of course)

Son: Papa, what did the American bring for us?  Snickers? Reese’s peanut butter cups? Sour patch kids?

Papa: No my son. The American did not bring us those delightful treats. He brought us dried squid and shrimp flavored chips that look like french fries and cute panda drawings on cookies. I think the Peace Corps might have made a mistake.

Son: Nooooooooooo! This is my nightmare.


OK, maybe it won’t be quite like that. I’m sure they’ll see it a bit strange, though. Can’t wait to find out!



§ One Response to panda land, yan yan!

  • sette says:

    Wahaha….I saw the pic and ur first sentence and thought exactly the same thing! I mean how they’ll think ur from Asia and not America

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